Travel to Paris

There's really no bad time to visit France. However, the peak season for France tourism is during the summer, from June through September.Climate varies in this large country. High temperatures along the Riviera rarely fall belong 50 F (10 C), even in the winter. However, January in Pariscan be damp and chilly, with an average high temperature of 45 F (7 C). April in Paris, as the song goes, is lovely, with an average high temperature of 60 F (16 C). French Rail makes getting around France easy. Their TGV (high-speed) trains cut the travel time from Paris to Nice to just under six hours. Paris has two international airports--Charles de Gaulle Airport on the north side of the city and Orly Airport on the southwest side of thecity. Driving in Paris is not recommended, as one-way streets, heavy traffic and frequent travel circles can make driving hazardous if you're not familiar with the patterns. However, for traveling outside of Paris, renting a car is a great way to experience the countryside at a leisurely pace, especially if you visit Millennium Hotel Opera Paris.